International Gaming Africa (IGA) aims to set new standards in the casino industry on the African continent. Our gaming facilities are innovative and our properties are renowned for being the premier gaming destinations within our areas of operation.



About Us

At IGA we believe in achieving success with integrity through purpose-driven management and innovation. We are customer-centric and value the views of not only our staff, but also the businesses and communities in our operations’ catchment areas. Our organization embraces cultural diversity and we respect the need for empowerment in all facets of our business. We strive to develop ambitious and innovative business ventures, which in turn will deliver sustainable wealth to our employees and their communities, as well as our shareholders. A strong area of focus in International Gaming Africa’s business model is to create a sustainable growth within your tourism sector, which will result in substantial job opportunities at the proposed sites.

At IGA we consistently develop and implement state-of-the-art technology for and within our properties. We maintain a decentralized management structure with strict central professional support and monitoring services to ensure quality control. We strive to develop local nationals into highly skilled professionals by aggressively marketing to targeted segments. Our willingness to adapt to changing political, social and business environments and a deep-rooted commitment to fit into the communities in which we operate strengthen this approach.

International Gaming Africa aspires to setting new benchmarks in the casino industry on the African continent. Our properties boast state-of-the-art equipment and facilities all run on high operating standards set by our superior management teams. IGA focuses on job creation and the empowerment of local entrepreneurs and enterprises.


Our Policies



IGA values our suppliers and regard them as an integral part of our core business. We are committed to building long-term, sustainable relationships with suppliers and recognise the need to comply with mutually beneficial contractors. The process for the venue in Mozambique will be strictly controlled and local suppliers will be identified and utilised. International Gaming Africa will call upon suppliers such as TCS Johan Huxley, Aces, IGT, Aristocrat and Nouwens carpets. All these suppliers comply with group standards and were contracted on IGA’s Lusaka Royale Casino project.


IGA’s recruitment allows national preferential employment - employing females and the disabled. Our surveillance, marketing and admin departments are earmarked for the physically disabled. Skilled individuals will fill managerial positions and local staff are trained according to IGA’s standards. Managers monitor the performance of staff in line with the country’s labour laws. IGA’s code of conduct is issued to guide managers around company policy and procedures. Staff education is imperative and we have implemented training schedules for courses incl: IR training, Ethics, General Wellness, HIV Aids, Fire-fighting and First Aid.

Social Investment

International Gaming Africa has a strong corporate social investment policy. Our focus in Lusaka will be on education, nutrition and HIV Aids assistance. We have undertaken various projects at all our venues.

Our Properties

All IGA properties feature elegantly opulent décor. The possible inclusion of additional facilities - such as a restaurant and bar - will be designed in the same vein adhering to the same high standard. These facilities will play a major positioning and revenue role within our venues and will assure the satisfaction of the growing numbers of both national and international guests visiting our venues.

Gaming Equipment

All equipment on the casino floor is linked to the ACE system, which records the activity of the slot machines to ensure that revenues can be easily audited, by casino management and the gaming board


A state-of-the-art surveillance system will be installed, together with appropriate access control and mantrap doors to sensitive areas. Acceptable internal control systems will be implemented to safeguard the company’s assets and revenue. Internal gaming security will be implemented and premier security will be installed to safeguard the outside area as well as the patrons’ vehicles.

Contact Us

IGA Head Office

Second Floor Block C (The Village Office Park) Cnr Oberon & Glenwood Ave, Faerie Glen, Pretoria East

Tel: +260 21 1254582

GPS: 15° 23‘ 40” S 28° 19’ 6” E


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